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Ravin' Rascals Gets An Environmental Makeover

No rave would be complete without waving brightly coloured glow sticks about while getting down to huge dance hits. Here at Ravin’ Rascals, we love seeing whole families of ravers embracing this tradition by covering themselves in luminous sticks and going wild together.

However, we started to consider where those glow sticks would end up when the light began to fade and the music stopped. We weren’t happy with the fact that they would most likely go straight in the bin after the event, contributing to the 4.9 million tonnes of plastic we throw away each year in the UK. That’s why we are going to reduce the environmental impact of our events this year.

Ravin’ Rascals is waving goodbye to single-use plastic and embracing a more eco-conscious approach. From our January event onwards, we will be offering a more environmentally friendly (and economical) alternative to usual glow sticks, and we think you’re going to love them.

Our new LED ‘glow sticks’ are bigger, brighter and, most importantly, more sustainable. They are powered by replaceable, long-life batteries, meaning they can be used again and again. And with each wand displaying 8 different flashing colours, these glow sticks are better than ever.

Our colour-changing LED glow sticks in action!

Snap up a pair at our next event on the 26th of January and you can keep bringing them back to all our rave-themed family discos. You and your children won’t be able to resist waving them high in the air when those big beats start playing!

Get your tickets for the 26th of January here.



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